About Abigail Landsbrook

Abigail Landsbrook

I was born in Alexandria Louisiana, but moved soon afterwards. As a young child I lived in many different US states, as well as in other countries. Just before my 14th birthday, I moved to Los Angeles and attended high school in Woodland Hills. I began modeling almost immediately after I arrived in LA. It began with modelling watches, high-top sneakers, and for artists projects. After a few years I began hair and clothes modelling as well as for artistic photographs (not risque). I then became a magician’s assistant and performed magic acts at prominent places like the Magic Palace.

Although modelling could be fun at times, it wasn’t something that I wanted to make a career out of for multiple reasons. My passion lies in writing, creativity and discovery.

I am now a professional writer of various topics, but I have an affinity for beauty, makeup, fashion, cooking, food, crafts, and my cat Smickle.

When I’m not writing or trying on makeup, you can find me:

  • Reading
  • Trying out new recipes in the kitchen
  • Gardening
  • Cuddling my cat
  • Painting
  • Shopping for new clothes

Some Facts About Me:

  • I love the game Spyro (the dragon)
  • My favorite color is red
  • I’m crazy for 80’s music
  • I think moose are cute
  • The world needs more cupcake scented items
  • I believe in Earth preservation (please recycle!)
  • Love animals
  • Great food is my weakness
  • My boyfriend calls me flippers
  • I had a cat named Puppy

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Abigail Landsbrook
Abigail Landsbrook – “The Queen of Nothing


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