Blackberry Mascara

Blackberry Mascara is a Real Thing

I tried the Blackberry Mascara after my unsuccessful attempt at the Dark Chocolate Mascara and hoped for a better result. I must admit that I was very wary of how it would turn out considering the chocolate one was a big disappointment. However, I really wanted to like this brand because of it’s cleanliness. And it’s a good thing that I gave it another go, because this time the results were different.

The first thing I noticed when l pulled out the wand was that it wasn’t clumpy and chalky like the chocolate mascara. It was smooth and much more pliable without any clumps. The application was fairly even, however it’s rather thin. I definitely wouldn’t label the blackberry mascara as voluminous. It will give you definition, a bit of length and a nice semi-glossy finish, but not much by the way of volume.

The Joy of Blackberry Mascara

blackberry mascara
Smells like ripe berries!

The joyful fruity scent is very uplifting and I often sniff the wand while I’m applying it. Just like fresh blackberries! There’s nothing artificial about the scent at all and that really makes me happy.

So technically the color is a very deep, rich grape purple, however I really don’t see it as purple. It looks like a glossy black to me, but if I put it next to a mascara that is labeled as black I might see the difference. I don’t currently have a black one so I can’t compare them. When I place it next to the chocolate mascara, it looks black.

It doesn’t seem to really smudge or flake off like the chocolate mascara does. I wouldn’t call it waterproof, but it didn’t smear after I got rained on. I’m sure that if I sat in a jacuzzi, sauna or went swimming that it would probably run. However, for normal daily use it does just fine.

I bought this mascara because it is fruit pigmented and doesn’t contain any of the the chemical, colors, or toxins as most. However, the price tag is $25 a tube and it probably won’t last longer than 3 months. I never keep my mascara more than 3 months once it’s been opened, no matter how many times I’ve used it.


Green Tea Leaf Extract, Vitamin E,  Candelilla Wax, Rice Bran Wax, Extracts of Blackberry Fruit, Blackcurrant Fruit, Raspberry Fruit, Coconut Stearic Acid, (Pro-vitamin B5 and Seaweed Powder, Cocoa Seed Butter, Maracuja Seed Oil, Extracts of Organic Aloe Juice Leaf*, Rice Powder, Cocoa Powder Extract,  Coffee Beans, Oregano Leaf, Thyme Flower/Leaf, Rosemary Leaf, Lavender Flower/Leaf/Stem, Goldenseal, Maracuja Seed,  Honeysuckle Flower, Vegetable Glycerin, May Contain Iron Oxides * Certified Organic

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