Chocopie Hand Cream

Chocopie Hand Cream

I can’t believe that I’ve just discovered Saem Chocopie Hand Cream! Seriously, this stuff is truly awesome. I found both, the packaging and product, to be very attractive; which is what prompted me to buy it. I’m not sure how many “flavors” they come in, however I purchased the 3 that I found. I now own Strawberry, Marshmallow, and Cookies & Cream.

Chocopie Hand Cream
This is what it looks like before you unwrap the Chocopie.

The Strawberry Chocopie Hand Cream arrived first and it did not disappoint in the least. It comes in a wrapper that looks like it contains an actual Choco-Pie edible. In fact, my boyfriend saw them sitting on my desk and accused me of not sharing! He even picked it up and positioned himself to open the wrapper, then he paused and asked me what it was. When I told him it was hand cream, he set it back down and walked out of my office sulking. The thing is, we don’t eat things like Choco-Pie, Twinkies, Ding Dongs (Really? I don’t need more Ding Dongs in my house!), or snack cakes! So I really don’t know why he was sulking. Moving On…

hand creamOnce I opened the adorable wrapper I pulled out a container which is the exact size of a Choco-Pie snack. It’s the color of rich chocolate with a realistic texture. It even has the dimples from holes in the imaginary cookie. The top cookie unscrews to reveal a super yummy hand cream.

Top view of a Chocopie Hand Cream “Cookie”.

Strawberry Chocopie Hand Cream 

A soft translucent pink color with a light fruity real strawberry scent. I usually hate anything strawberry scented or flavored because it’s artificial. I have yet to discover an “American” cosmetic brand that doesn’t use artificial scents and flavors in their products. This hand cream is definitely Un-American by those standards because the scent is that of real strawberries. I actually feel like I’m in a strawberry field when I smell it. However, it isn’t the typical hand cream and probably not what you’re used to. Since this is a Korean product (K-Beauty), what they consider to be hand cream is different than what we consider to be hand cream.

The product itself isn’t thick and creamy, but rather a gel-like skin hydrant. It’s cool to the skin when applied and melts like a sherbet. Because it has a high water content, it absorbs very quickly and isn’t in the least bit greasy. This is the perfect moisturizer for me since I’m not a fan of heavy, oily, or greasy lotions and creams. Oily hands ruin your good leather gloves, both winter and summer ones. They can also stain your clothes and make your hair greasy if you touch it. Not to mention the fact it’s hard to hold a coffee mug or open doors with slippery hands. Anyway, I digress…

Chocopie Hand Cream

Marshmallow Chocopie Hand Cream 

A rich shimmery white cream that reminds me of Noxzema. It has a higher water content than actual Noxzema and it certainly doesn’t smell like it. The cream has a slight cooling sensation when you first apply it, then it melts into your skin. The texture is different than the strawberry which melts completely into the skin because it is thicker and creamy. It isn’t as thick as traditional creams, but it does leave a slight greasiness behind.

As far as the scent goes, to me it really doesn’t smell like marshmallow, but rather like a sweet heavy cream. It begins with a slight sweet marshmallowish/cotton candy scent and finishes with something that resembles steamed milk. I’ve purchased other marshmallow scented/flavored products and they don’t really smell like it either. Perhaps marshmallow is harder to replicate than other scents.

Cookies & Cream Chocopie Hand Cream 

This one has the same texture as the marshmallow, with the same shimmer but it also has small dark specks. The cream itself is pretty much the same as the Marshmallow one as far as it’s application goes. The scent is reminiscent of Cookies & Cream ice cream and the scent is spot on. It truly smells like Cookies & Cream. I was very surprised when I first applied it to my hands and the scent wafted up. Perfect for dessert lovers!

In conclusion, I feel as if I’m now a better person for having discovered this amazingly delightful, delicious, decadent hand cream. Well, I don’t know if I’m actually a better person, but my hands do feel, look and smell better!

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