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Winter Makeup Trends 2016

Winter Makeup Trends 2016

Every year around this time people search for Winter Makeup Trends; it’s almost like clockwork! Magazines, blogs, commercials, ads and pictures are telling you that you’re ‘off-trend’ and desperately need to update your makeup wardrobe before it’s too late.

Winter Makeup – Cheeks

Keep things minimal and enhance your cheeks with a little extra blush that matches your natural blushing cheek color. The idea is to replicate reddened cheeks that are a result of cold weather. This is best for those who live in a warm climate (I live in Los Angeles) and aren’t privilege to true winter weather. Choose a cheek color along the lines of rouge, not a pale baby pink and stay away from anything resembling bronzer. Peach face color is also “ontrend” so this is another option if you don’t want to go with the cold rosy look.

Winter makeup cheeks
Do I look like I’ve been bitten by the cold weather?

Winter Makeup – Eyelashes

Go for feathery upper lashes with a gentle curl. Forget the harsh L or C shaped lashes and try a more gentle look with longer, wispy, curled false eyelashes. Keep your bottom lashes naked or use a touch of clear mascara to manage them. The rest of your makeup should be toned down, keeping the focus on your fluttery eyes. This pairs well with winter cheeks and a sheer lip. However, I don’t really see the crazy drag queen fake eyelashes going away any time soon. So, if you’re an eyelash type of person, carry on lashin’.

I’m personally not a fan of fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions and haven’t worn them in more than a year. I find the temporary strip lashes to be unreliable and heavy. The glue is always temperamental, sloppy and never seems to adhere well. Eyelash extensions have hit the scene hard and look great. They’re lighter than the strip lashes and are semi-permanent. The down side is that they take a good chunk of time to apply and require frequent upkeep. Furthermore, they pull out your natural lashes and/or damages them badly. I tried the extensions for a few months and they ruined my eyelashes, so I gave them up.  

Winter Makeup – Eyebrows

The big bushy brows are still ruling faces everywhere, but with much less structure. Lose the harsh stenciled-on eyebrows and leave them looking a bit more natural. Try just lightly defining the bottom part of your brows and leave the top part natural.

If you’re not a fan of the big brows or aren’t able to pull off the look, then fear not because you can go for the newest craze. And by craze I do mean crazy. Simply bleach them white. That’s right, designers want you to bleach the hell outta your eyebrows and go blank. I suppose you could just shave them off (or pluck them out if you’re a sadist) and go bare faced.

As a busy career woman, I don’t always have time to shower between clients. No problem! I just slick my hair back with lube (a purse must-have), darken my already smeared eyeliner, touch up my lip stain, and throw on a heavy musk to mask offensive odors.

Winter Makeup – Eyeliner

Take the cat eye to the next level with an extra half inch or so of winged-out eyeliner. I think this is a very “Siberian Tundra” look because it reminds me of Russian women in winter, all bundled up in furs. Think 90’s heroin chic with greasy black eyeliner for this look. Or jump on the “Artsy” train and draw weird graphic lines on your eyelids, under brow or across your face.

makeup Trends
If you want to be trendy and, oh, so, cool… you must wear heavy greasy eyeliner. Just like those heroin addicts that are so popular nowadays, you too can look like a hardcore drug user!

Draw these art filled designs in bold, bright hues for maximum impact. Can’t seem to get the lines to match the other eye? No worries, it really doesn’t matter much because everyone is already too shaken up by the gaudy sight to care. Go up, go down, go sideways! It makes no difference at all!

Winter Makeup – Eyeshadow

Metallics are huge this holiday season, and I mean huge! Coppers, Antique Gold and Bronzes are the most prominent, but we’re also seeing the Ice Queen look with silver, pewter and shimmery white too. So, grab your shimmery-est metals and sparkly-est glitters and slather it on your eyelids.  

makeup trends sparkle eyes
For sparkly disease appeal, try this look on for size!

We also have pink and red shades popping up on eyelids everywhere. This seems to be a difficult trend to pull off since you really have to wear exactly the right color or you’ll look sick. Then there’s the whole neon thing… I’m not sure why anyone would wear this in the fall/winter, let alone in 2016! It’s very much an 80’s thing and we aren’t back to that decade yet, we’re still doing the whole 90’s deal. I find this look to be incredibly out-of-style, untrendy and uber outdated. What we aren’t seeing much of is powdery matte baby blue or lemon yellow.

pink eye makeup trend
Get the Pink Eye look without the infectious pus! Keep your face ultra pale, and lips scaly for an authentic look.

Winter Makeup – Lips

Apparently lip gloss is back in again? When did it go out? I almost exclusively wear lip gloss year round! Well, I guess it’s trendy to wear lip gloss again. However, matte and satin lip textures are big everywhere as well. Surprise, surprise! Red lips are a must have! (As they have been since its invention) Do they really need to tell us that red lips are stylish this season? Red lips are a standard and will never, ever, ever go out of style. That’s why I wear it almost exclusively and have very little interest in any other colors. Why waste time, energy and money taking a chance on something that I’ll rarely (if ever) wear when I have something that works and will continue to work?

Makeup Trends 2016
Dark rich Gothic colors are sure to scare off any man from kissing you! For that truly aged look, go for a super matte finish. It’ll make your lips look small, wrinkled and instantly older!

Then there’s the Gothic lip which is a true throwback to the 90’s when MAC’s vampy colors were on the lips of practically every female in sight. Go dark, go deep, and go rich when it comes to goth mouth. Rich burgundy, maroon, oxblood, brown and black are the forerunners for this look. These colors look especially gorgeous when they get on your teeth and stain them because your teeth are so porous from over-bleaching them.

Pink and No Lips Trend

And let’s not forget the pinks and no lip color trends either! So bold matte pink lips are the thing for the cold season. Go for an icy Bubblegum Pink, Pepto Bismal Pink, or Muted Fuchsia for the trendiest of trendy pink lips. The only shades that we aren’t seeing much of are Frosty Pale Pink and 80’s Neon Pink, but don’t quote me on that.

pink lipstick
Pick any pink shade you want because it doesn’t matter. Who cares if it looks good on you – you’re “ontrend” and that’s what really matters!

For those of you who really aren’t into lip color or want to jump on the I’m-pretending-that-I’m-not-wearing-any-makeup trend, you’re in luck! The no lips fad is still going strong. Tons of women have pushed aside their lip stains, bold glosses, and opaque lipsticks. Instead, they’re wearing barely there lip balms and slightly tinted lip glosses and passing it off as makeup-free.

The Takeaway

The takeaway here is pretty much – “Wear whatever you want in whatever shade or texture you want because it really doesn’t matter”. I truly believe that every single piece of makeup you own is trendy. If a certain eyeshadow or lipstick looks good on you then there’s no reason to trade it for something ‘trendy’ just because the fashion world says so. After all, they’re in the market to find new ways to get your money.

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